Invest in Classics

I like to use the "would a French girl wear this?" test on my purchases.  Typically, if the answer is yes, I know I won't be unhappy with what I've bought a year from now.  I try to avoid most trends. Invest in quality, and buy timeless pieces.


Buy Secondhand

Vintage is the best! You can build a wardrobe of lovely pieces without adding anything new to the "demand" side of the equation. The bonus is that secondhand items are typically much less expensive than new ones. As a petite girl, I appreciate this since I often need to have my clothes altered by a tailor. 


Know Your Brands

Plenty of stylish labels are making ethical choices, and I recommend supporting them. Please see this post for a few of my favorites. Send me your, favorites, too! I am always on the hunt for new labels to try.